TINTA 金邸獎空間美學新秀設計師大賽-參賽簡介&徵選辦法





Purpose /

The TINTA Design Competition is an annual design event that has been running since 2011, hosted by Taiwan’s MYHOME Searchome Media. From 2019, the competition has expanded to include entrants under 40 years of age from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. The mission of the Awards is to surface new faces, introduce new designs and promote new ideas from across the entirety of Asia.

Eligibility Criteria /

  • Submitted projects must have been completed within the last two years (2019.01-2021.03). Previous TINTA Award winners are not eligible to participate again.
  • Interior designers must be below 40 years old or below.
  • Registrations can be as an individual or a team.
  • Team definition: Participants are 2 or more, less than 5, and each designer must meet the following requirements: 40 years old or below.

Categories /

  • Residential Space / Small Living Space(Less than 66 m2
  • Residential Space / Single Level Residence(Private houses, villas, dormitories, apartments, assisted-living centers, cottages. etc.)
  • Residential Space / Multi Level Residence(Private houses, villas, dormitories, apartments, assisted-living centers, cottages. etc.)
  • Commercial Space/ Hospitality Space(Commercial Leisure Space: hotels, resorts, hostels, B&Bs, clubs, gym, boarding house, leisure farm . etc.)
  • Commercial Space/ Food & Beverage Space(Commercial Dining Space: restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.)
  • Commercial Space/ Retail & Entertainment Space(Commercial Entertainment Space: department stores, shopping centers, combined shop, selection store, shops, retail stores, bookstores, markets, supermarkets, KTV, cinemas, beauty salons, exhibition space, gallery. etc.)
  • Working Space(Work Space: offices, factory office, factory, warehousing, studios, clinics,House selling reception center, customer service centers, training centers, educational spaces, tutoring classes, kindergartens, libraries, etc.)
  • Sample Space(Sample houses of the appearance real estate, or showrooms presented by interior decorating companies to display the decorating plans packages.)
  • Furnishing & Decoration
  • Note: The above entries may not be submitted in two categories, decoration projects are not subject to limits.

Competition Details /

Open to the general public, participants are not required to pay registration fees.

Enrollment rules: To register online, www.searchome.net/tinta , the participants should submit the following information:

  • The company profile must be 200 words or less, the designer (team) image (3MB) and the designer profile should also be 200 words or less.
  • Valid ID: Name, photo and date of birth must be included, and upload the front image file; it will be used for verification purposes and will not be released publicly.
  • The products introduction in Chinese and English should be 500 words or less, 8 Site Photos, and 2 site plans; one before and one after. (Each image should be saved as 300 dpi JPEG file, high or medium-high quality, at least 1500px wide, and no larger than 3MB.)
  • Please submit the above entries to the registration system before the deadline for acceptance. At 17:00 on March 22, 2021 (GMT+08:00 in Taipei), upload the required documents and files to the registration system. (Subject to the system registration time)
  • Note: The award-winning designers who are unable to attend the awards ceremony will be required to pay NT$2,500 for shipping the trophy / medal.

Judging Process and awards /

Judging Process /

The composition of the jury: The judging team is composed of scholars and experts in Asian design fields.

Review items /

  • Plane configuration: overall spatial layout configuration, dynamic line planning and grooming.
  • Concept: The work can fully convey the design concept.
  • Innovation: Innovation in performance techniques and material technology applications.
  • Function: Easy to use, maintain, store, clean, and security.
  • Local spirit: Communicate the emotional tactics of the place with a new cultural perspective.

Awards /

Awards Trophy Quota
Taiwan Interior New Talent Award GOLD MEDAL AWARD Exclusive trophy
MYHOME Searchome media special coverage
Taiwan Interior New Talent Award SILVER MEDAL AWARD Exclusive trophy
MYHOME Searchome media special coverage
Taiwan Interior New Talent Award BRONZE MEDAL AWARD Exclusive trophy
MYHOME Searchome media special coverage
Taiwan Interior New Talent Award TINTA AWARD Exclusive medal 7
Taiwan Interior New Talent Award NOMINEE AWARD Exclusive certificate 10
Taiwan Interior New Talent Award People's Choice Award Exclusive medal 1

Registration fee description /


Registration related consultation and cooperation needed /

If you have any questions about registration, please call or email us.
Phone:+886-2-2500-7578 #3471、#3468、#3305

Precautions /

  • The entrant guarantees that all entries are designed by the entrant. Any plagiarism or counterfeiting works are strictly prohibited. If the winners are sued and verified to be in violation of the relevant provisions of this activity or have plagiarism or counterfeiting, the organizer in addition to canceling their qualifications will recover the awards and any items (including trophies) that have been awarded. Cancellations and vacancies will not be replenished.
  • If the entrant violates the above conditions, the organizer or relevant personnel or unit will be claimed by a third party. Therefore, the relevant expenses (including but not limited to legal fees, travelling fees, shipping fees, etc.) will be borne by the entrant.
  • All entries will not be returned regardless of whether they win or not. The entrants agree that the organizer has the right to publicly display and publish magazines, web pages, publications for publications and exhibitions, etc.
  • Winners should cooperate with the sponsors to publish, observe, and agree to such marketing activities.
  • If the entrants sign up for the competition, they will understand and agree to the organizers all activities and regulations.
  • For registration details, please visit the Searchome website www.searchome.net
  • If there is any change in the content of this activity, please refer to the official announcement of the Searchome. The organizer reserves the right to amend at any time.