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Predict the 2021 SUPER DESIGNER winner
Gift is ready to give out!! Vote and Draw a Big Prize!

More Votes, Higher Chance! Bring home a free Dyson prize!!

Grab a look at 9 Spatial Category of 2021 TINTA outstanding design works.
Exquisite or elegantly tranquil, which one is your choice? Which designer’s works best represent space aesthetics? Which designer do you want to hire for your dream home decoration? Now, you are invited as a judge.
Cast your vote and predict who is going to outshine in the 2021 SUPER DESIGNER internet-based popularity contest!
More votes, greater odds! Higher chance to win a grand prize!


Voting Rules /

From now until Jun 3, 2021, log in to Searchome account (TC), and vote for your favorite talent designer of the year on TINTA website! Each account is limited to give the vote once per day on each category.

Project Voting /

All design works are reviewed and selected from the preliminary judges of the 2021 TINTA. The Popularity Award will be contested by people’s voting.

Categories /

  • Residential Space / Small Living Space
  • Residential Space / Single Level Residence
  • Residential Space / Multi Level Residence
  • Commercial Space/ Hospitality Space
  • Commercial Space/ Food & Beverage Space
  • Commercial Space/ Retail & Entertainment Space
  • Working Space
  • Sample Space
  • Furnishing & Decoration

Event validity /

May 13, 2021 ~ June 3, 2021

Prizes /

WWinners will be determined through computer-based random drawing. The list is as follows:

  • Dyson V4 digital Fluffy CY29 Cylinder Vacuum Clear, 5EA (Value: NT$33,500 per set)
  • 【MORPHY RICHARDS】Meno Espresso machine, 2EA (Value: NT12,800 per set)
  • LightAir Surface PM2.5 Air purifier, 3 EA (Value: NT$11,800 per set)
  • Wonderful Design Studio Tea Set, 1 EA (Value: NT$7,580 per set)
  • Ateliea Tea Party2 4-Season Tea Set with 1 pot and 2 tea trays, 6 EA (Value: NT$6,000 per set)
  • Coway three-in-one slow-grinding juice machine, 2EA (Value: NT$11,800 per set)
  • UMBRA Collage art style photo frame, 2EA (Value: NT$3,490 per set)
  • Ateliea Tea Party2 4- Season, 3-piece set, 25 EA (Value: NT$6,000 per set)
  • UMBRA Daisy Dance Accessory Rack, 18 EA (Market Value: NT$990 per set)
  • UMBRA Memo Board Photo Frame, 3EA (Market Value: NT$849 per set)
  • UMBRA T-shirt-styled Jewelry Hanging Ornament, 5EA (Market Value: NT$799 per set)

Gold Prize Prediction /

Dyson Lightcycle Lamp *9 (Market Value NT$19,900/ 1 winners will be drawn in each category)

Announcement /

Winners will be announced on the sponsor’s website following the sweepstake drawing.

Rules for Prize Claiming /

  • Participation in the event is open to residence from all regions.
  • All entrants are required to verify their own personal information, which will be used by all the event sponsors for purpose of communication and prize delivery. Winners will be held responsible for any failure of notice and/or delivery due to incompleteness or inaccuracy of their information.
  • By participating in the event, entrants agree to abide by all rules and regulations stipulated by the event. Violations of rules will result in disqualification of prize claiming and/or legal actions where applicable.
  • Entrants guarantee that all the information provided is true, accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge and that their information is not misappropriated or embezzled and does not infringe upon the intellectual property right of any third person. Dishonesty will lead to disqualification as an entrant or prize winner. The event owner will not be liable for any failure to notify the winner due to Incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information. Any damage to the event owner or any third party will be prosecuted in accordance with civil and criminal laws.
  • The event owner will not be responsible for any delay of, loss of, mistaken, unidentifiable or damaged prizes due to any force majeure or any matters not attributable to the event owner. No objections will be accepted in this situation.
  • The event owner also has the right to suspend, cancel, and terminate the event where necessary. The event owner reserves the right to amend the availability of the prizes in the event the number of entrants surpasses that of the prizes.
  • Any prize is delivered as is. Pictures are merely for demonstration purposes. Entrants may not designate the desired model of the prize awarded. Prizes may be changed, transferred or exchanged for cash.
  • 8. Winners will be notified by Aug 31, 2021 through E-mail by the event owner. If the winner fails to complete proper procedure of claiming the award or satisfy the documentation requirements by Sep 15, 2021 within the stipulated time frame, their right to claim the award is deemed forfeited. No further notice will be given.
  • According to local tax regulations in the Republic of China, winners of sweepstakes or lotteries are required to submit a copy of their ID when the value of the prize is NT$1,000 or more. Prizes worth more than NT$20,001 will be subject to 10% opportunity tax. A tax withholding slip will need to be filled out and be sent to the winner for tax return filing the following year. Residents that have not lived over 6 months in Taiwan or foreign nationals are required to pay a tax at the amount of 20% of the awarded prize. In case the winner is under 14 years of age, the legal guardian will be required to claim the prize on their behalf.
  • Any changes will be announced on the event owner’s website. The event owner reserves the right to make adjustments to matters not stipulated herein.
  • Dyson electric appliances are subject to voltage of 110V and current of 60 Hz and can be used only with sockets accommodating 2-pin plugs. Improper use with incompatible outlets may lead to damage or even fire hazard. Consult manual for suggested converter when needed. The event owner shall not be held responsible for any damages and liabilities resulting from the use of the appliance.
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